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A pastry chef has revealed his best trick for cleaning baking tins - it will make your life easier!





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Over time, molds, baking trays, baking tins, pots and pans will become worn out - this is a fact that cannot be denied.

Stains, food residue and burnt marks are the three common things that are difficult to get rid of. As you cook in or on something, it will always be difficult to get rid of it afterwards.

Some people just throw these dishes away when they get too dirty. But why not choose to take care of what you have instead of buying a new one? Especially when you learn and discover that you can easily and effortlessly clean plates, molds and trays.

I was stuck before I tried some of the tricks listed below. Now that I've tried them, I'm happy to confirm that they work great.

You don't need to buy expensive chemicals or shiny spray bottles, and even your oven equipment will be as clean as new.

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Cleaning glass trays

You need:

Glass trays are one of the hardest dishes to clean. The marks on them are usually 'burned in', making them difficult to remove. Fortunately, this trick will break up these marks and make it super easy for you to clean those trays.

First of all, dip the toothbrush in dishwashing liquid and add baking soda powder to it. In circular motions, apply this paste to all the stains and dirt on the glass. For larger trays, you can use a larger brush.

Let the paste sit for 20-30 minutes. Then take aluminum foil and gently rub the dirty areas. The stains will come off easily, and you can wash the tray with ease!

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Cleaning baking trays and oven trays

You need:

Baking molds and trays are usually used several times a week, for different recipes. As a result, they accumulate a lot of dirt.

To clean them, pour a layer of baking soda powder on the mold. Add another layer of hydrogen peroxide. And finally, add another layer of baking soda powder.

Let it sit for 1-2 hours, then scrub off the dirt with a sponge. The stains will come off easily.

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Another method

Here is another proven method for cleaning stainless oven pans.

You need:

Pour water and baking soda powder on the mold, wipe with a cloth.

Use a small piece of aluminum foil rolled into a ball and scrape off harder to clean areas.

At the end, wash with warm water and dish soap. Make sure you air dry the mold and not with a towel.

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A tip from champions: aluminum molds

You need:

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Aluminum molds can be restored to new condition using the right technique.

To start, fill a pot or pan with equal amounts of water and vinegar. Bring to a boil.

Once the liquid has boiled, remove the pan from the heat and let it cool to room temperature. Take a sponge, dip it in the liquid and scrape the mold.

After cleaning, wash the mold with warm water and dish soap. Let the mold dry and enjoy your 'new' mold!

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Learn more about these easy and inexpensive tricks in the video below:

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