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This is what the shape of your nails reveals about your personality





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Your nails mean a lot more than you think - and we don't mean things like 'You're stressed because you gnaw them all the time'. Indeed, your seemingly innocent nails give clues as to your personality. Keep reading and write down what you think at the end. Does the shape of your nails match the described personality?

The test is very simple. Look at the pictures below, find the nail shape that fits your index finger. So find your number and find out what your nails say about you as a person.

If none match, choose the closest one - or the one you'd like your nails to read like.

Lets start!

I like this

Long and rectangular

I like this

If your nails are long and rectangular, then you are probably social people with a bouncy personality and a lot of wisdom. If it's learning new things and meeting new people, you like to experience new things and expand your horizons.

Regarding work, you check carefully before you act. You go down to the details, and always think carefully before your next action, and you don't mind getting dirty to get the job done.

Flat and wide

I like this

If your nails are flat and wide, there is no doubt that you are analytical people with quick perception. You always think before you speak. People usually turn to you for advice and words of wisdom. You know how to judge people's character and always trust your instincts.

Because you are stable people, you like to build things. You like to create things and enjoy when the hard work pays off. You prefer functionality over design.

Short and round

I like this

If your nails are short and round, you are probably creative and determined people with a lot of fire. You have a strong personality that creates fun and excitement, and people are drawn to you. You are loyal friends, and will do anything to protect the people you love.

There aren't many things you love more than a good challenge. You are adventurous and brave, and do not hesitate to take on challenges and dive right in. Some call you stubborn, but that's only because you know what you want!

Short and unequal

I like this

If your nails are short and uneven - maybe you are biting them. Either way, you are probably empathetic people who pay attention to your surroundings. You have an honest soul, and everything you say you really mean it. You value openness and communication, and are careful about new friends you meet. You have been hurt before.

Quiet water penetrates deep - this is your motto. Although you seem to be under control on the surface, inside you there is a storm of emotions. It means that others listen when you speak, and your friends know that you will always tell the truth - even if it can hurt.

Square and equal

I like this

If your nails are square and even, it means that both of your feet are on the ground and you're a hard working person. You are born leaders who take the responsibility you have taken seriously. You are often given important tasks because you know you can be trusted. Everything you do, you do perfectly.

You don't take shortcuts and are always ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done - but that doesn't mean you don't know how to enjoy yourself and have fun. You may look like workhorses, but beneath the surface you have a spirit full of vitality that likes to hang out like everyone else.


I like this

Are your nails pointed and triangular? If so, then you are brave and determined people who always know what they want. You are passionate and stubborn. If you see something you want, you are not afraid to ask for it.

At work your motto is 'work smart not hard', you always think of other angles before you start a new project and when it's time to start, you solve problems easily and quickly.

Elliptical and long

I like this

If your nails are elliptical and long, then you are probably a creative person. You like to draw and get your inspiration from nature. You are always down to earth, but full of imagination. You are happiest when you are surrounded by beautiful things. Gentle and calm, people gravitate to you when their lives get too messy and they need calm.

Some say you take on too much, but the truth is you like to be inundated with projects you love - especially when they can help others. You love to love and you are full of giving. You are assets to everything with all your heart and you see it in the results.

Unique cuticle

I like this

Do you have that white line on your nails? This means that you like to live away from everyone and in a secluded area. This philosophy applies to everything - from the clothes you wear and the house you live in, to the music you listen to, and the food you eat. You don't like the usual things. You are colorful and unique and people are drawn to you when they want to experience something different.

It may seem opposite, but your motto is 'play hard, work harder'. You know that when you are having fun, everything can be achieved more easily and with greater success, so this applies to you when you work. Therefore, you are never bored.

Does the shape of your nails match the described personality? Tell us in the comments below and don't forget to share this fun personality test with your friends and family.


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