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Mother left the girls alone with their father - when she returned home she received the shock of her life!





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When Darius was 40 years old he found out he had cancer. And if that wasn't enough, he was also fired from his job and lost all his money. After getting used to being the main supporter for his wife and two daughters, Darius felt that the spark in his life was fading.

But despite encountering difficulties and bumps in life, Darius decided to overcome them and do something special for his family.

So he secretly drew up a plan that would change the family's yard - a plan that would also give him the strength to fight cancer.

For a long time, Darius thought that the family's backyard looked rather depressing, so he thought he would use the opportunity to build a huge playground for his girls and a place for his wife to exercise.

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After doing research online and building a small model, Darius knew what he wanted and how to bring the plan to life. So he surprised his wife with a five-day trip to New York. And as soon as he returned home after dropping his wife off at the airport, Darius started working with his daughters cheering and helping him.

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The whole project was done for a lot less money than you would think. Darius' friends and family helped him with the materials as a birthday present, and Darius paid for the rest.

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After seeing the final result we have to say that Darius did an amazing job. And although the family won a new backyard, Darius also got the strength to fight the real battle - against cancer.

"The girls love their new area. My wife loves our backyard. And I feel fulfilled. It felt good to build it. It gave me energy and something to get up to in the morning", He wrote on his blog.

Watch the full video and see how Darius turned his yard into something out of this world:

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