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A father with Alzheimer's no longer recognizes his family. His son's genius idea gave him a second chance





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Anyone who saw somebody close to them deteriorate as a result of Alzheimer's knows how terrible the disease is. The disease, which actually breaks down brain tissue, causes memory loss and leaves the patient vulnerable and confused.

And of course, besides the fact that it hurts those who suffer from the disease, it can also affect their family, relatives and friends.

Ted McDormett suffered from Alzheimer's several years ago, and it caused pain and sorrow for those close to him. In addition to his memory being severely impaired, he also experienced state shifts, and became aggressive for no reason.

Fortunately, his son, Simon, thought of a trick to help him regain his memory, even if it's only for a few minutes.

Music has always been Ted's great passion. When he was young he toured the UK performing in clubs and pubs.

As he got older, his memory deteriorated, and it was already difficult for him to perform.

But despite the fact that Ted can no longer go on tour, the passion for music still exists in him.

"Dad was a singer all his life - he would travel around the country and perform in clubs. After he got married he started working in a factory, but still performed occasionally".

"He got a special nickname because he knows so many songs".

"In recent years, his memory deteriorated greatly - sometimes he didn't recognize his family and he had many tantrums".

Tantrums can be difficult for anyone, but Ted's was very difficult to control.

But Simon was determined to allow his father to continue doing what he loved so much.

And it didn't take long before he thought of a genius idea.

When Simon sees that his father is "disappeared", he immediately plays him one of his favorite songs and begins to sing. Ted remembers the words to the songs, and joins in.

What these precious little moments mean is that Simon gets to spend time with the person he remembers. It also gives him motivation to keep doing what he's doing.

Simon and Ted also started recording their songs so more people could be involved. The family hopes this little trick will help others with Alzheimer's cope with the symptoms.

Moreover, Simon and Ted set up a fundraising page designed to raise funds for the recording of an album. Simon promised that 25 percent of the profits would be donated to Alzheimer's research.

Watch Simon and Ted together:

I like this

Life isn't always easy for Simon and Ted but at least they have each other.

Together, they hope to raise awareness of Alzheimer's disease through their music.

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