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Why you need to pour 6 liters of water into the washing machine - the results are simply amazing





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I can honestly say I don't even remember when was the last time I cleaned my washing machine.

The oven? Sure. Kitchen cabinets? Regularly. But the washing machine? I didn't even think it could get dirty. Of course, this is a wrong approach.

Most bacteria survive if you do low temperature washing. More than that, they thrive in these conditions. In addition, mold and fungus begin to grow, which is what makes clothes and bedding smell bad.

Luckily we found a simple guide that shows how to thoroughly clean your washing machine! And best of all? All you need are four simple ingredients, and it's a very simple process.

Here's what you need:

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How to clean the washing machine:

1. The first thing you need to do is open the drawer in which you put the washing powder / fabric softener and if there's mold in it - clean it.

2. Pour 6 liters of water into the drum of the washing machine. Now mix half a bag of ascorbic acid with half a serving of citric acid in hot water, and pour it into the drum as well.

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3. Choose a long washing program with prewash, central rinsing and squeezing, at 90 degrees (or at the hottest temperature the machine has).

4. Open and empty the filters.

5. Now add 6 dishwashing tablets to the washing machine, and run on the same program as the previous time.

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6. Take a sponge and clean the opening of the washing machine.

7. Add 6 more dishwashing tablets and run the program for the third time.

8. Now you will see how the interior of their machine will be clean and polished. Your clothes will come out much cleaner and would smell much better than before. Remember to leave the machine door open after each use so that the inside of the machine can dry well.

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I didn't know that it is so important to clean the washing machine. From now on, we will use this trick regularly.

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