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The king of the prom crowned a girl with special needs for the queen - stunned the world with a tribute that left everyone speechless





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To be elected king and queen of the class at the school prom is the fulfillment of the dream of most youth teenagers. The honor of wearing the crown and being the one at the center of things is an experience that everyone will remember forever.

But in Colorado, the prom king voluntarily gave up the title very soon after being photographed with the prom queen. No one believed he was giving up the honor, but then he revealed everything and everyone was moved to tears.

Brad Coley, of Douglas High School, was crowned prom king along with 17-year-old Megan Bailey. Megan suffers from cerebral palsy that prevents her from being able to speak.

Brad said it didn't feel right to him and then he revealed to whom he was handing over the crown.

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The recipient of the crown from Brad was Megan's best friend, Ian Brennan, whom she had known since she was 5. Ian, who suffers from Down Syndrome, planned to go to the prom with Megan.

Brad felt that Ian deserved the crown more than he did, so he located him and crowned him as the prom king.

"Something did not feel right to me, I did not feel like I was the one who should get it. Something inside me felt that someone else deserved it more than me", Brad said.

Megan's mother, Heidi Bailey, was overjoyed when she found out what Brad had done for her daughter. Everyone who knew this wonderful couple was so happy for them and now the story has captured the hearts of people all over the world.

"It was amazing to share this sweet moment, it really was amazing", Megan's mother said.

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Ian's father, Jim, was also very moved by the generous gesture and explained what it meant to his son.

"It was really emotional, so it was a special evening and a special memory and we will keep it forever".

Jim explained that the gesture was even more meaningful because the family was going through a difficult time during those times. Ian's mother died of cancer two months before the prom.

"She was Ian's biggest fan and would be so happy to see her son crowned prom king", Jim said.

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"She was my heroine before she was diagnosed", Jim said as Ian agreed with him and patted him gently on the back. "Our hope is that we will continue, together with a team of other people, the work she has done and simply make the world a better place not only for Ian, but for everyone".

Watch these two special people get the crowns they so deserve.

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What a good soul Brad is and we hope this couple will continue to have more fun adventures together. Please share this heartwarming story with your friends and family.


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