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Doctors warn: if you use aluminium foil, stop immediately or face lethal consequences





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For a long time, aluminium foil was a product found in any kitchen. Open the kitchen drawer of everyone and you will find that the silver foil. Why? Because it is a very useful and efficient for tasks in the kitchen and around the house.

Normally aliminium foil is used to cover pots and packets entering the oven. But now a new study shows that if you cook with aluminum foil, you expose yourself to serious health risks.

Learn what happens when you cook with aluminum foil, and then decide for yourself whether to use it or not.

Simply put, if you cook with aluminum foil, you are playing with your health.

The first thing you need to know is that aluminum foil damages your brain. It is heavy and toxic metal and a direct link between it to Alzheimer's disease exists.

Exposure to this metal may lead to damage to your mental health. It affects coordination, body control, memory, and balance. Sadly, for many who suffer from this toxin poisoning (neuro-toxin), the damage is permanent. You may suffer large gaps in memory which can seperate between you and your loved ones, when this chemical affects in the most severe way.

Apart from brain damage, cooking with aluminum foil can also affect your bones. The metal can accumulate in the bones. This is bad because they compete for a place with the calcium in the bones and often it supersedes the essential mineral. Although a bone structure made of aluminum sounds like something from science fiction movies - our body simply will not function properly in this situation. You need calcium to keep bones from breaking and falling.

Hence, the risk of cooking with aluminum paper only grows. It is also bad your lungs. Breathing aluminum particles causes damage to the respiratory system. Even if you put aluminum foil on the grill, you may be breathing these particles and slowly destroying the lungs.

If you accidentally ingest aluminum parts, you run the risk of these problems. It's true that you do not roll a ball of aluminum foil and eat it, but when you cook with a high temperature, metal parts will come into your food. Higher temperature causes cracks in the metal that cause particles to break and fall into your food.

Even if the particles do not break, a chemical leak can be formed when cooked with some spices or lemon

Dr. Assam Zubeide, a chemical engineer and researcher at the American University of Sharjah, discovered that one meal cooked with aluminum foil can deliver 400 mg of aluminum.

"The higher the temperature, the greater the leak. Aluminum foil does not fit for cooking and is not suitable for use with vegetables like tomatoes, citrus fruits or spices", says Dr. Zubeide.

The World Health Organization warns people not to consume more than 60 mg of aluminum per day.

Watch the video to learn more:

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