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16 Japanese inventions that the whole world must adopt. #11 is just awesome





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Japan has been at the forefront of technological inventions for decades.

Their unique environment, culture, and history have led to all kinds of creative inventions that you can't find anywhere else.

Here are 16 wonderful examples of Japanese inventions so ingenious they should be adopted everywhere in the world.

1. Gas stations

I like this

The fuel pipes at gas stations in Japan are located overhead, which helps drivers avoid situations where the pipe does not reach the tank.

2. Automatic machines for everything

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Time is very important to the Japanese, so they invented time-saving vending machines for almost everything you can think of - from chips and snacks to fresh, hot food, clothing, and more.

3. Compact parking lots

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In Japan, there are huge populations that live in relatively small areas, which makes the utilization of the area one of the most important things. One way to do this - is parking on two floors.

4. Cans for the blind

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The Japanese thought (and rightly so) that even the blind were allowed to know what they were drinking, just like any other person. This is why in Japan every can has the name of the product in Braille.

5. Chairs that hold the bag

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Hanging the bag on a chair is always an annoying thing, but in Japan there are chairs with a slot - the problem is solved!

6. Foot spa on trains

I like this

What?? Cool! You can buy tickets for a special suburban train that has a spa where you can soak your feet after a long day.

7. Handing out free tissues in the streets

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How nice!

8. Multipurpose toilets

I like this

Toilets in Japan do much more than flush. They assist people with disabilities, clean themselves, and even warm the seat for you!

9. Stress reducing crackles

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Yes, those are buttons that simulate crackle nylon that won't stop crackle.

10. Automatic cab doors

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Most taxis in Japan have automatic doors so that passengers cannot close them tightly

11. Sleeping cells

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In Japan there are hotels with sleeping rooms that are intended for people who work long hours. They are quite cheap, so they are also popular among tourists.

12. Musical roads

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There are roads in Japan that play pleasant melodies while you drive. Cool!

13. Cat cafes

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In these cafes you can drink a cup of coffee and cuddle together with cute cats. Pure happiness!

14. Heated tables (Kutasu)

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The Kotasu is a table with a heated blanket that provides the ultimate relaxation.

15. Announcement systems

I like this

All over Japan there are public address systems that help convey important messages or emergency instructions.

16. Nap at work

I like this

Napping at work is not only okay, it's a legal right! This is known as 'Inmori', meaning you can nap next to your boss!


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