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The shocking truth about corn: 6 reasons that will make you never eat corn again!





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Corn is the favorite food of many people. Today, corn is the most consumed and most produced food in the world. Corn is added to many other foods, such as chicken bites or fried foods.

There is also corn in yogurt, peanut butter, pudding, mayonnaise, ketchup, fruit juices, salad dressings, soft drinks and even some diet drinks, cookies and many other products.

But for our health, humans, the excessive consumption of corn has a negative effect. According to many studies, the ratio of Omega 6 and Omega 3 in corn is the worst of all grains.

As we all already know, Omega-3 fatty acids help the body in the production of the hormones with anti-inflammatory properties, while the Omega-6 fatty acids help in the production process of the hormones that help inflammation.

Our body will lose the ability to control the response to inflammation, if the amount of Omega-6 exceeds the amount of Omega-3 and this will also lead to serious consequences such as an increase in cholesterol, depression, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Here are 6 reasons that will make you stop, or drastically reduce the amount of corn products you consume

1. No nutritional value

We all know that corn is a grain, but not all of us know that it is an unhealthy grain. The nutritional values ​​of starch and sugars in corn aim for zero, according to several laboratory tests. The first plant to undergo genetic engineering is corn, which is the main reason why it is not particularly wise to eat it.

2. Unhealthy proteins

The protein in the corn confuses the human body with the gluten and to be more precise, it confuses the immune system. This situation creates problems in the functioning of the digestive system, corn can also increase the risk of inflammation because it has a high glycemic value.

3. Digestive problems

The human body has a problem with the digestion of corn because it contains cellulose fibers. Cellulose cannot be completely digested in the human body and this is according to doctors. Which can lead you to situations like leaky gut, due to the fact that corn, like other grains, contains prolamins (a group of proteins that cannot be digested properly in the human body).

4. Inflammation of intestine

The corn contains lectins which are a type of proteins that, in order for the human body to be able to digest them, it turns them into amino acids. Since there is a problem breaking down this grain, inflammation or irritation of the intestine can develop.

5. Contains bacteria used as pesticide

The corn contains Bacillus thuringiensis (Bacillus thuringiensis), which is a bacterium used as a pesticide. There are other dangerous things in corn that do not exist in nature. The pesticide content in corn can lead to health problems that will make your life even more difficult.

6. Most corns is genetically engineered

85% of corn in the US has undergone genetic engineering and this was discovered in a study published in the journal 'Biological Sciences'.

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