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Your body warns you before the breakdown: 8 early signs that your kidneys need help





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The kidneys function as filters in our body, depleting toxins from the body and filtering the blood before it is sent back to our heart.

When our kidneys don't function as they should, it means that dangerous toxins remain in the body. But there are some warning signs that our body may be suffering from kidney failure.

According to "More than 30 million older Americans live with kidney disease and most are unaware of it".

Many will think that the symptoms are related to other problems and that we experience the symptoms only in very late stages so it is important to keep the kidneys clean by drinking plenty of water and drinks and other good foods for the kidneys like cranberry juice, peppers, cabbage and apples.

Below you will find a list of warning signs that our kidneys are not functioning properly - this is something we should all read.

1. Swelling

Damaged kidneys sometimes cause the body to swell, especially in the ankles and feet. This is because kidney dysfunction leads to sodium accumulation. You may also experience swelling around the eyes; A sign that the body excretes a large amount of protein in the urine.

2. Exhaustion

Healthy kidneys produce the a hormone called EPO, which produces red blood cells. These cells are needed to supply oxygen to the body and give it energy. When our kidneys are not functioning properly we get an accumulation of toxins and pollutants in the blood which can make us feel tired and exhausted.

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3. Many walks to the bathroom daily

If you feel you need to pee more than usual it could be a sign of a kidney disease. When the filters of the kidneys are damaged, it can cause a more intense urge to pee.

4. Blood in the urine

Healthy kidneys ensure that blood cells stay in the body when waste is filtered from the blood to form urine, but if the kidneys are damaged these blood cells begin to 'leak' into the urine. In addition to being a sign of kidney disease, blood in the urine can be a sign of a tumor, kidney stones or an infection.

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5. Dry and itchy skin

Because our kidneys ensure that fluids and mineral levels in the body are balanced, dry and itchy skin can be a sign that the kidneys are not functioning properly.

6. Urine with foam

Bubbles and foam in the urine can be a sign of proteins in the urine. If you need to flush the water several times to make it go away, you should consult a doctor.

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7. Lack of appetite

Lack of appetite can be the result of various things, one of which is kidney disease.

8. Muscle cramps

Electrolyte imbalance can be the result of kidney failure. For example, low levels of calcium can cause muscle cramps, especially in the legs.

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