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A 5-year-old told mom he have a twin in kindergarten, so the kindergarten teacher sent her a picture and she was smashed to pieces





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It has been so many years that we have already forgotten what its like to be children. In fact, we would love to know what goes on in the minds of the little ones nowadays.

Children live a life of hope, happiness, and natural curiosity. And above all, they are usually most honest about their opinions. Because.. well, they have no reason not to be.

One boy in the kindergarten, Miles, proved this recently. He has a friend in his kindergarten, and they cannot be separated. They hadn't yet visited each other's homes, so their parents didn't know each other, nor did they know about the special relationship between the two children.

But that all changed when it came to the time for Twin Day in kindergarten. For Miles, there was no question at all about who his "twin" would be. He told his mom what clothes they were planning on wearing, so she organized them for him, and drove him to the kindergarten without knowing what to expect.

And as it happened, she took a picture of Miles and his twin - a picture that left her in tears.

I like this

As the twins day in kindergarten was approaching in record speed Miles had a request from his mother. Twins day was a fun day with a theme, a day where the kids had to split into couples and dress the same.

Theme day

Miles formed a close relationship with a boy named Tanner, and the two decided to be together on Twins Day.

His mother didn't know much, but Miles was very specific with his request.

"He insisted that they were identical twins. So after the kids went to bed, I drove and bought matching clothes", she wrote on Facebook.

I like this

Miles insisted that he and Tanner were really twin.

"Their kindergarten teacher sent me this picture today", wrote Miles' mother, Brittany. "My heart melted. Two kids who look completely different, but Miles didn't see it that way. Is it true that the world would be a much better place if we all saw it as 5-year-olds see?"

Brittany decided to post the picture of the kids on Facebook. Not surprisingly, the picture and the post immediately went viral. The post has already received more than 505,000 likes and shared more than 268,000 times.

It also turned out that Miles and Tanner live just minutes away from each other, which means they can play and be together even after the kindergarten is closed.

Brittany is definitely right, the world would be a better place if everyone saw it as Miles and Tanner see. They are two wonderful children with a wonderful future ahead of them.

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