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Their 9-month-old daughter received a death sentence - but then her babysitter did something that no one expected





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Anyone who worked as a babysitter or a child caregiver knows what responsibility he or she has on his shoulders.

Most babysitters take their jobs very seriously, but some do more than any parent can ask for.

22-year-old Kiersten Miles was keeping the children of George and Farra Rosko for only three weeks - but when one of their children was in mortal danger, Keirsten took a life-changing decision.

And it was a decision that left the Rosko family forever grateful.

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Kiersten Miles is a 22-year-old student from New Jersey who needed work to pay for her studies.

She contacted the Rosko family through a joint company and immediately began to work for them.

Within a short time, Kiersten created a special relationship with the Roskos' three children, and especially with their little daughter, Talia.

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But it soon became clear that the nine-month-old was suffering from a rare and life-threatening liver disease.

When the doctors said that Talia needed a new liver, Kiersten did not hesitate for a second to offer her a part of herself.

George and Farra were not sure about the idea at first. They explained to Kiersten that it was not a simple matter.

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A Transplant of part of the liver is not like donating blood. It requires an invasive surgery and there are many risks.

But Kiersten was determined and applied as Talya's donor. And when she got the test results back, there was a perfect match between them.

George and Farra Rosko were grateful to Kiersten for her amazing and unselfish decision. But they made sure do not put pressure on Kiersten to make a decision that she might regret in the future.

Kiersten had no regrets, and on January 11, 2017, she and Talia were hospitalized for 14 hours.

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At first the doctors anesthetized Kiersten and removed a part of her liver, and then immediately performed the transplant on little Talia.

Thank God, the transplant was successful!

Kiersten was hospitalized for five days, and Talia was hospitalized for nine days.

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Both recovered quickly from surgery, and today Talia is a completely new toddler.

No one could believe she had undergone a liver transplant not long ago. Today she is like any other girl - she runs, plays, and eats like she never ate.

Kiersten of course deserves a huge 'thank you' for her amazing donation. What a golden heart she has!

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In a world where humanity sometimes feels selfish, people like Kiersten really give hope and inspiration!

She could just go on living her normal life, but instead she chose a long and difficult process that exposed her to many dangers - all of this, for a little girl to live.

If Kiersten is not a heroine, then we do not know who does!


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