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A boy went to a car to ask for money - so he looked inside and started bursting in tears





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Many rich people look at people who are in need for money with scorn. They assume, for example, that all beggars are criminals and thieves who are looking for everything they can take.

But the truth is that people who live in poverty are generally more polite and empathetic than those who live the good life.

An example for this is a young boy named John Thou. He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and like many poor children, he begs in the streets.

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John Thou spent his days in Nairobi, Kenya, begging. This is something that annoys many drivers, because they assume that beggars are probably thieves too.

But John Thou proved not only that he is not a thief, but that he also has a heart of gold.

One day, the boy was out begging when he went to a car to asked for money. But when he looked inside, John was shocked by something unusual that he had seen.

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The driver was connected to pipes and breathed with an oxygen tank. The woman's name is Gladys Kamanda. At the age of 32 she explained to John that her lungs had collapsed, so she could not breathe alone and needed to carry an oxygen tank with her everywhere to stay alive.

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John was shocked when he realized that despite his poverty, some people in the world were in worse condition than his own - because they didn't even have their health.

Emotional to tears, John offered Gladys all the money he had made that day and held her hand through the window.

A passerby noticed what was going on, took some pictures, and told the story online. And within a few days, the story became viral and began a chain of events that would change forever the life of both John and Gladys.

After Gladys' story became famous, thousands of donations began to flow. In general, good-hearted people donated more than $80,000 to allow Gladys to fly to India and get the treatment she needed so much.

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And what about John? Well, after all the attention he got in the social networks, he finally got a loving and warm family that adopted him.

The woman who adopted him, Nissi Vumbugu, also gave him the opportunity to start studying.

In the end, John's wonderful gesture helped not only Gladys - but gave him a loving mother and a warm home.

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Never underestimate the power of love!


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