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She drilled 19 holes in a wooden crate - now look at the result 5 months later





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One of the most satisfying things to have is to build something with your own hands.

Spring is far from a good few weeks away from us, but this project made us think of all the flowers that will bloom in our garden soon.

The best part about this project is that you don't need much experience to succeed. Follow the simple instructions, and you will succeed, big time!

It will look wonderful everywhere.

First of all, you need a wooden crate, like the one below. Start by drilling holes about 5cm in diameter. The distance between each hole should be about 15 cm.

I like this

The next step is to plant the petunia flowers

I like this

Plant the first row of flowers and cover them with soil

I like this

Use polystyrene as a filler in the back of the crate

I like this

Plant flowers along the second row, and continue to fill all the holes in the box

I like this

Here are the flowers on April 13 - ready to bloom in a beautiful garden!

I like this

Please note: The holes in the crate can quickly dry the soil, so it's important to check and put water in it every day. Organic fertilizer once a week can be very helpful.

Here are the flowers on May 20:

I like this

And here they are on June 6. So beautiful!

I like this

July 24..

"It was a very hot summer and the leaves were very green and beautiful, but without flowers", the gardener said. "A little suitable pesticide kept the insects away, and the flowers returned to bloom".

I like this

Indeed, on August 24, the flowers came back to life

I like this

September 29, amazing!

I like this

So go ahead and find a suitable wooden crate, and decorate your garden or house with spectacular flowers!


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