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For years hospitals use this to help children fall asleep, find the method that can help you too





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If there's one global issue that can affect people everywhere, is problems sleeping.

According to the centres of disease control and prevention in the USA, there are 50 to 70 million adults in the US who have problems sleeping.

Stress is usually the main cause that people can't sleep well, and the more severe the issue, the more important it is to treat it seriously - because in the long-term, lack of sleep can have damaging effects on both physical and mental health.

There are of course medicines you can take that may help you solving your sleeping problems, but there are also other alternatives that not include medicines.

And one unique solution, a heavy blanket, could help many people around the world if they only knew it, so read until the end of the article and you'll be surprised.

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Sleeping until a heavy blanket is a method that's not so well known, but it can help sleeping. Tremendously.

You can tell from the name, heavy blankets are blankets filled with beads, dried peas, or grains that have made them heavier.

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Not only the extra weight of the blanket helps, according to researchers. Sleeping under a heavy blanket makes you feel as if you're being hugged - and that calms down the nervous system.

"Neurological practitioners have noticed that a soft touch alerts the nervous system, but a deep press is calming", writes Dr. Temple Grandin in a research made in 1992.

When the weight of the blanket gently presses the body, production of Serotonin, that makes us feel more relaxed, increases. The Serotonin later turns into Melatonin, which is the sleeping hormone of the body.

A research from 2008 that was published in the Occupational Therapy in Mental Health magazine, reported that people who suffer from stress are the ones who get the most benefit out of heavy blankets, that are considered safer, more effective and decrease the stress level.

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Children's departments in hospitals have been using heavy blankets for years in order to calm patients who suffer from anxiety and insomnia.

And the blankets have also proven to be relaxing for people who suffer from ADHD and Asperger Syndrome.

And basically anyone who have from problems sleeping, both children and adults, can get great benefits from these blankets.

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Of course, you can also buy a heavy blanket, but it's not cheap. Instead, many people choose to prepare it themselves. It's alot cheaper and you can also prepare the blanket exactly by your needs.

Such a blanket should weight about 10% of the total body weight of the person using it. And the stuff that fills it has to be stitched into several places on the blanket in order to be equally spread.

VERY IMPORTANT! Heavy blankets aren't always appropriate for people who suffer from respiratory and circulatory problems.

Watch the video and learn how to prepare your own heavy blanket:

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