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This unexpected trick makes ear pain disappear in children all over the world!





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When I was a little kid I suffered alot from pain in the ears, and even today they visit me sometimes.

When you are little and suffer from it, it ain't easy to anyone, not your parents who don't want to see their kid suffer, and surely not to you, that you have to deal with it.

Antibiotics and pain relievers work well for most people, but not everyone likes to take medicine because sometimes the pain is less disturbing than the medication. So if you feel like this, here's a trick you can use next time when you or your kid suffer from ear pain.

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Anyone who ever suffered ear pain, know how terrible it is.

And say what you want about home remedies, we definitely think the next one is good to try since it worked wonders for so many people.

You need:

* 1 pair of white socks
* 1.5 glasses of sea salt

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Fill the sock with the sea salt. The salt should be thick enough to not get away out of the sock

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Use a funnel to get the salt into the sock so it won't get spilled on the floor

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Tie the sock and ensure the salt won't come out

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Now flatten the sock so it will be in the side of your palm

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Heat the sock on medium heat for 4-5 minutes, but don't let it heat too much

Another option is to hear the sock in a microwave, but it may be tricky since its difficult to heat the sock in an equal way in a microwave.

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Check the temperture of the sock to ensure you or your kid won't get burnt.

If it's too hot, wait a little before you put the sock on the ear and cheek. The pain will start to disappear within a few minutes

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This home remedy is easy to use and works immediately.

Of course, if the pain does not go away or is too strong, you better consult a doctor.


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