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His son was dying on the surgery table after an accident - but then the father found who the operating doctor was...





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Unfortunately, people have a tendency to judge others without knowing the stories behind them. Sometimes its hard to feel empathy towards others without knowing what went behind the scenes.

The next story is an excellent example of this. It tells us not to jump to conclusions - even in the most difficult times.

It all started when a doctor was in a hurry to reach the hospital to perform an emergency operation in a young child.

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The doctor got into the hospital as fast as he could, changed his clothes and made his way directly to the department, where he found the boy's father walking nervously in the hallway and waiting for him.

When the father saw the doctor, he yelled "Why it took you so long? Don't you know my son's life is in danger? Don't you have any responsibility?".

The doctor smiled and replied "I'm sorry, I wasn't at the hospital and when I received the call, I left everything and arrived here as fast as I could. I want you to calm down so I can do my job".

The father answered, "Calm down? What was it like if it was your son in the surgery room, would you calm down? If your boy was dying while waiting for the doctor, what would you do??".

The doctor smiled again and answered, "We'll do our best to save your son, and in the meantime you can pray for your son's health".

"Giving advices when you have no worries is easy", the father mumbled.

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The operation went for several hours and when it was done, the doctor came out happy, "Thank god, your son will be alright!".

And without waiting for the father's response, he went back home, and said, "If you have questions, talk to the nurse".

"Why is he so arrogant? Couldn't he wait a couple more minutes so I can ask about my son's condition", the father asked the nurse as the doctor was leaving the place.

The nurse answered, when tears are in her eyes, "His son passed away yesterday in a car accident. He was in his funeral when we called him to come to operate your son".

"And now after he saved your son's life, he rushed back to finish his son's funeral".

I like this

This story can teach us many things, especially at this age where social networks are popular, and people are very quick at judging and attacking others without knowing their story.

There are so many people that do their best without getting the credit they deserve, don't be quick on judging, always be interested, life is a circle, be kind to others, and the world will be a much better and pleasant place.


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