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Photographer spent 25 years tracking dolphins and whales. These images are just crazy!





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Christopher Swann is a British photographer who for 25 years searches for the perfect pictures.

After spending years diving and exploring the sea, Swann has created a series of spectacular images of dolphins and whales. Its amazing that his pictures are above and below the water.

With subtle colors and parts of the water, the images document the true beauty of these animals living in their natural environment.

"For 25 years I've been watching the whales. I do it almost every day", said Swann.

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"I love the beauty and perfection of the sea. It features marine mammals".

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"There's nothing more perfect than marine mammals. But whales are something special"

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"Watching these creatures, so big, living in such a peaceful way in their environment.. its breath taking"

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"I've been sailing the sea since I was 17 years old (40 years)"

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"I was a whale-watching tours instructor. In the Hebrides, and then in the Canary Islands"

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"All this time I learned and knew many species and how they react, how to position the right way in front of them..."

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"I would love to dedicate all my time to take photographs of whales"

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"The meaning of organizing whale watching tours is to place people in the best position so they can take pictures, when I can just look"

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"I'd want to take better pictures, and I need several years just to that".

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While Swann follows his desires, he give inspiration to us all.


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