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A couple used a 21-year-old surrogate mother, but when they saw her ultrasound.. they were speechless





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Several years ago, Shaniece Sturdy was watching television when she saw a program about surrogate mothers.

This was a turning point for her, and from that moment, Shaniece decided she wanted to be a surrogate mother. She hoped that one day she would be able to help a couple struggling to start a family.

Years passed, and after the birth of her first child, Riley, Shaniece decided to apply to be a surrogate mother.

It was a decision that would affect her much more than she ever imagined..

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"I was only 21 at the time, and I wasn't interested in going out to parties and drinking", Shaniece said. "I wanted to help another couple fulfill their family dream and raise Riley in a good way".

Shaniece was aware that she might not be approved to be a surrogate mother, so she kept her plan a secret.

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The determined young woman did all the essential research on her own and went through the entire process alone.

And the moment she met Joanna and Steve, Shaniece knew she wanted to help them.

Only then did she share the news with the people close to her. Shaniece flew to a clinic in Los Angeles to undergo the egg transplant.

At 21 years of age, Shaniece became Britain's youngest surrogate mother.

The idea was that Shaniece would carry one baby for the couple, but she couldn't help but notice that her belly just kept getting bigger and bigger.

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Joanna and Steve went to Shaniece's first ultrasound - and the three were in shock when they saw they were expecting twins.

The happy couple was overjoyed and immediately went to buy baby equipment for two.

But then, 10 weeks later, Shaniece got another shock when the gynecologist discovered another amazing thing..

Turns out she was pregnant with triplets!

The pregnancy went well and after a short time Shaniece, Joanna and Steve welcomed Willow, Harrison and Daisy into the world.

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Shaniece has a good relationship with the parents, and said she will continue to visit the children every year on their birthdays.

"Even though I was only 21 years old it was a very big responsibility to carry their babies, it was one of the best experiences of my life", she said.


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