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Bella the dog was left to die in a well - but then a 6-year-old girl walked in the area and heard her crying





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6-Year-old Kara played near her home in Londonbury, England, when he found a pit in concrete.

She heard voices coming from the hole and decided to look into it - and then she discovered there was a dog down there.

Kara realized that something was wrong and decided to act. And so she did it, she saved the dog's life.

When she saw the dog, she immediately ran home and told her parents there is a dog in the well and she couldn't get her out.

Her father, Kenny, got quickly to the area to look himself.

It turns out that the dog, a boxer breed, was abandoned inside the pit by her owner. And what made it even worse, was the fact that the dog was sick and blind.

If not 6-Year-old Kara, this concrete pit was probably the dog's grave.

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The family received help from Rainbow Rehoming organisation, which sponsored the dog's rescue.

A Breeding dog

It turns out that the dog, named Bella, was completely blind. Use was used as a breeding dog and probably was left in the concrete pit by her owner when she became too old to breed more puppies.

Bella was pregnant many times before being thrown in the pit, and as a result, she suffered from infection in her womb.

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Despite everything she moved, she was still a loving and kind dog.

Bella needed a medical treatment to help her recover, and very quickly the powers returned to her.

A New Beginning

The Rainbow Rehoming Association posted a picture of it on social networks and told her story. And it didn't take a long time before a family came to adopt Bella, and it was love at first sight.

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Unfortunately, Bella passed away about a year after she was adopted, but at least she had time to spend time with the family she loved.

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It hurts to think of all the breeding dogs that are abused by their owners. If you choose to buy a dog (and we will always recommend you and not to), pay attention who you're buying from. There are authorized people who grow dogs and the dog you buy comes with certificates. Don't just buy a dog, it just helps their business and allows them to continue.

A dog is adopted, not buyed!


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