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Add black pepper to your washing machine - the reason is simply genius





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If anyone saw me add black pepper to my laundry he would probably think I was crazy.

But when I heard the explanation behind this bizarre trick, I had to try it myself and it really worked! So I had to share it with you, it's a very effective trick that everyone should know.

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OK So - we all have to do laundry, it's one of life's inevitable chores. But thank God for the technology we have today that makes sure it won't take up as much time as it used to.

But the downside of being able to wash the clothes regularly and efficiently is that sometimes the color doesn't stay as it was when we first bought the clothes.

I love bright clothes, but it's very disappointing when they lose their color and fade.

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But according to the Huffington Post, there is a cheap and simple solution to this problem and all you need is just one ingredient - black pepper!

Just add a teaspoon of black pepper to the washing machine along with the usual washing powder or gel and set the temperature to cold, then start the machine and wait for the result.

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According to the Huffington Post, black pepper's absorbency peels away the soap residue that causes color to fade. Then they are washed together with the water.

Thanks to this simple trick, the color on your clothes will last longer.

If you want sharper colors, we have another tip for you. If you soak your clothes in a mixture of water with a little salt before washing, the colors will be more durable during the wash and will stay on the clothes longer.

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I didn't know that something as simple as a little salt or black pepper could make such a difference to my clothes. I'm sure many did not know but will appreciate this trick very much.

Please share this trick so that your friends will also know it. They will thank you later!


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