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He burned ground coffee in the backyard of his house, the reason for this is simply genius





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Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying things we have to deal with during the summer.

When people make a barbecue in the backyard - they can drive even the most calm people crazy and make them start hitting themselves over and over again.

There are also allergic people and mosquitoes can carry serious viruses such as Zika, which can be transmitted by a single bite from these annoying little insects.

However, You know what is even more annoying than the mosquitoes?

Exactly - some of the industrial mosquito repellents that will take money out of your wallet all summer long, especially if you're the type who leaves the house a lot.

Mosquito repellents tend to contain more than a few dangerous effects that begin the moment we inhale them.

So what is the solution? Believe it or not the soltuion is simply - ground coffee!

The Environmental Protection Agency says that ground coffee works as a highly reliable natural repellant that repels many insects, including mosquitoes, wasps, bees and even ants.

Most pests have a very strong sense of smell and ground coffee emits a very strong smell that until you smell it you won't believe it.. when it burns, this smell will make them want to kill themselves.

So how do you use it? it's simple!

Take freshly ground coffee from a bag you have already opened, put it in a bowl and cover it with aluminum foil. Leave the bowl in a dark and cold place and let the coffee dry completely.

Then, place the coffee (either inside the bowl or on the foil sheet) in a flat location outside the house and burn it as if it was incense.

I like this

If you are indoors and you are trying to keep the mosquitoes away using this method, open the windows.

If you are using the method for an outdoor event, simply leave the bowl to burn in a central location.

Are hordes of mosquitoes still bothering you? Add some bay leaves to the place where you put the coffee and burn them together with it.

If it's a windy day or the area you're trying to keep insects out of is huge, you should put as many bowls around as possible to make sure the area is well covered by the smell of the burning coffee.

And that's it! Isn't that cool? It's environmentally friendly, low cost and you don't have to spray all kinds of chemicals on yourself or the kids.

I like this

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