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Stop buying tomatoes. Here’s how to grow an endless supply of tomatoes right at home





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You don't have to be an avid gardener to love this article.

Because we found for you an easy and fast way to grow tomatoes at home.

Use the overripe tomatoes, which are most likely already in your fridge!

The first step in growing tomatoes at home

It is very important that the additional pots also have good drainage openings.

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The second stage

After you have found the ripe tomato, good pot with good drainage openings and fresh soil.

Spread the tomato into four slices with a thickness of 6 millimeters and fill the pot to the middle, with the fresh soil.

The third stage of growing tomatoes at home

Place the four tomato slices in the pot and cover them with a little dirt, enough to cover the pieces.

Don't overdo the amount of soil you put on the tomato slices, as they need to sprout and you don't want to overburden the sprouts.

Place the pot in which you planted your tomato seeds in the sunniest spot in the house.

Because tomatoes need 5-6 hours of sun a day, to grow properly and be juicy and sweet.


Water them every time (with emotion) when the soil gets a little dry, every day.

Because the tomato plant needs adequate amounts of water to grow well and grow the tomato fruits.

And within a week and a half in your pot as mentioned, you will grow approximately 50 to 60 sprouts!

At this stage of growing tomatoes at home

Allow your tomato sprouts to grow stronger, wait a few more days after the end of the two weeks to see which sprouts have grown into small seedlings, with the strongest stems.

After that, take out the biggest and strongest sprouts that you got, and plant them in other pots.

When you remove the young tomato seedlings from the initial growth pot, do so very carefully.

Because you don't want to break the tender seedlings you've grown.

A total of 2 in each pot, to allow them to grow properly, and that's all!

Cultivating the young tomato seedlings

While your tomato seedlings continue to grow, in the sunniest place in the house, it is recommended that you turn them occasionally during the day.

So that all sides of your tomato seedlings absorb an adequate amount of sun.

In terms of watering, water your tomato seedlings only when you notice that the soil is dry.

In order to provide your tomato seedlings with the nutrition they need, fertilize them with a natural fertilizer.

You will find liquid or solid natural fertilizer, there are many of them.

So that you can grow organic tomatoes that are healthy, beautiful, juicy and sweeter. Fertilize the soil lightly, with the natural fertilizer you found, once every two or three weeks.

This is how you will help tomatoes grow at home

When tomatoes are grown outdoors, bees and birds help their plants develop the fruit.

But take worry out of your heart, because you can do it yourself, growing tomatoes at home.

Once the flowers bloom, tap the stems gently each day.

You can also use a piece of cotton to gently touch one flower and then transfer the pollen to the other flowers, with light and gentle touches.

As the tomato plant grows, make sure it has enough room so it can continue to develop and grow.

Support the vine-like stems of your tomato plant with small, strong sticks or bamboo skewers.

When you notice that your wonderful tomato plant is too big for the pot it is in.

Move it gently to a wider and bigger pot, and don't forget to support the stems with bamboo skewers or small, strong sticks.

When and how is it recommended for you to pick the tomatoes you sowed?

The tomato plants grown at home take only 60 to 80 days to grow fruit. (exactly the same time as outside the house).

It is very important to pick the tomatoes at the right time, and you ask: when is the right time?

Well, pick the tomatoes before they reach the stage of ripeness where they turn red.

That is, pick them when they are still greener than red.

The best way to pick a tomato is:

Grasp the tomato as close to the stem as possible, twist it gently and then pull it gently.

How long will your tomato plants produce fruit?

Tomato plants produce fruit, over an extended period of time.

So even after you've harvested the first fruits, don't neglect the tomato plants you grew from seeds.

Continue to nurture them, fertilize them once every two or three weeks with a natural fertilizer, water them when the soil dries out and make sure they have enough sunlight during the day.

Because you will be happy to discover that even after winter, your tomato plants will continue to produce fruit throughout the spring and summer.

Choosing a tomato to grow at home

Since not all varieties of tomatoes grow properly indoors, it is important that you choose varieties that do manage to grow indoors.

Date tomatoes and Cherry tomatoes are the best choices for growing at home, and also for quick ripening.

Tomatoes, whose plant shape resembles a vine, are the best choice for growing indoors even though they need more space compared to tomato bushes.

Good luck and enjoy the delicious, juicy and organic tomatoes that you grew yourself from the seeds!

We also love the taste of fresh homegrown tomatoes, so we are definitely going to try it ourselves.

Watch the following video for more information:

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