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Mom cut a pool noodle and solved a common problem that everyone knows - her ideas are simply genius!





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Pool noodles are not just for kids in the pool. It turns out it can be used for a whole lot of DIY projects around the house. Here are some ingenious uses for a pool noodle that will help you a lot in your life.

Floating ice bath

While you're enjoying a hot summer day at the pool, why not treat yourself to some cool drinks? Build this floating ice bath with a pool noodle, and add drinks inside.

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Use a pool noodle as a funnel. Connect it to the sink, and control the flow of water. It will make housework much easier!

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Secure spaces between the doors

In winter, the house may feel colder because the cold weather finds its way into the house through various cracks. In order to prevent this, use a noodle to plug the gaps and grooves.

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Protect the vehicle

If you have a narrow and small parking space, and you are afraid of banging the car door, use a pool noodle that will protect your car from blows. Learn more here.

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Support for pots

Use a pool noodle to support the pots instead of a wooden stick. Cut the noodle to the appropriate length, then place it around the base of the plant. When the plant grows you can add another layer of pool noodle.

Use different colors to give your garden a summery and amazing look!

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Maintain the shape of the boots

Put a pool noodle inside boots and help them keep their original shape. Cut the noodle to the appropriate length and place them inside. It's that simple.

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No wrinkles

We all know it, putting the pants or shirt on the hanger and getting annoying wrinkles. Wrap the hanger with a pool noodle and you'll avoid those annoying wrinkles.

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Napkin rings

If you find yourself chasing napkins in the wind, then try this cool trick. Cut the noodle into rings, then use them as a napkin holder.

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Never get painful bumps on your toes

If you find yourself getting those annoying and oh-so-painful bumps on your toes, then we have a simple and ingenious solution for you. Cut the noodle and wrap any place you come across with your toes.

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Save the leftover of the pool noodles

If you use pool noddle for the cool projects we showed you above, don't throw away the leftover noddle. You can use them as absorbents for flower pots. Place them at the bottom of the pot, they will absorb the water, and you won't have to use alot of soil either.

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What do you think? We want to know what you thought about it. Tell us in the comments below. And don't forget to share these wonderful tips with your friends and family. They will thank you!


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