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Only a few manage to find the face that hides within this fascinating image





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We use our brain all the time, even when we are sleeping. We strain our brain for hours at work, and at the end of the day, it's normal to feel exhausted.

Once we get home, we want to forget about the worries and responsibilities that life throws at us. And what better way to accomplish this than to solve some quizzes and challenges while lying comfortably on the living room couch?

Perhaps the most common quizzes are crossword puzzles and sudoku, as they can be found in newspapers and magazines. But if you check online, there are thousands of puzzles, quizzes, and tests, ready for you to discover.

And one of the challenges that has become popular recently is the challenges of finding characters or details within images.

These challenges, also known as optical illusions, have been with us for some time, but only recently have they begun to become an online trend. The goal is to find a particular pattern, detail or figure hidden within an image.

Focus your senses

In today’s challenge, you need to find one or more details within the image below, so focus and concentrate as much as possible.

You only have 15 seconds to solve it, which raises the difficulty level, but also makes the challenge more fun, which will make you feel even better when you solve it.

Here comes the first picture, find the face hiding inside the stones. How much do you see?

I like this

It's a smart challenge, but it's definitely worth it.

Did you solve it? Well done then, if not, below you will see the answer.

Here is the correct answer:

I like this

There it is! One face is hidden in the middle of a picture. It was difficult!

Can find the woman?

Okay, let's do another one, a small bonus, but this time it's a lot harder than the first. So now you must be at your best. 15 seconds - look at the picture below. Can you find the woman?

I like this

Did you find her? She hides well, so it's important to focus your eyes. If you can not see it, we will show it to you in the answer below.

I like this

There she is! It was harder than the face, so congratulations to you if you succeeded!

Have you solved at least one of the challenges? If so, click the share button below and pass these challenges on to your friends and family to see if they too will be able to solve them.


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