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A famous Japanese doctor reveals his 13 secrets to a long and healthy life





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A doctor named Shigeaki Hinohara from Japan lived for 105 years of age.

He has written 150 books in which he described what a long and healthy life look like.

So according to Hinohara, if you want to live a long and healthy life, you must do the following.

Stay fit

Dr. Hinohara ate a tablespoon of olive oil, fresh orange juice, and coffee every day for breakfast. At lunch he ate cookies and milk. And at dinner he ate rice, fish, and vegetables. In addition, he ate 100 grams of lean meat twice a week.

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Do not always listen to a doctor

Always ask for a second opinion. Also, try to look for natural solutions first.

Science is not the only medicine

Each person is unique. Interestingly, Dr. Hinohara believes that visual art improves your thinking ability. Creative activity reduces stress and depression. And this activity has health benefits.

Be organized

Plan things in advance. Make sure the priorities of your meetings. Do not overload yourself with too much work. Time management is the key to success.

Calm yourself

Fun activities like listening to music, dancing, or playing with pets can calm you down. Improve your mood and make yourself feel better.

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Positive thoughts increase energy

Think positive to improve your results in the future. Positive thoughts improve mood and nervous system. Dr. Hinohara recommends that you enjoy every second of life.


Finding inspiration in life is important. Find role models who will lead you and lift you up.


Volunteering improves self-confidence. This activity allows you to contribute to society which makes you feel important.

Always go up the stairs

Dr. Hinohara climbed 2 steps each time.

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Stop worrying so much

You need to slow down. Life is full of unexpected events so it's okay to feel like you can not handle certain situations. If you worry about it too much it will not help. Negative thoughts add to anxiety which can lead to various problems.

Share your knowledge

Dr. Hinohara was a famous lecturer. His motivational speeches focused on peace and war.

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Don't be material

We need to understand that material things are actually nothing. Property does not buy happiness.

You don't have to retire / go out for pension

Retirement should not be an option if you still feel the need to work. If you feel you are capable of working, don't retire early.


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