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This barn may seem beautiful on the outside - but what's hidden inside left me speechless





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When we think of a barn, we usually think of chickens, cows, mud and lots of hay.

We don't usually imagine a comfortable and luxurious home.

And that's simply because most of us haven't seen the following barn before..

A couple from Jackson, Wyoming, United States have always dreamed of building a guest house. But they didn't want to build just an ordinary house - they wanted to build something a little more original.

Follow your dreams

The couple really liked different types of barns, from the style to the architecture.

"Every time my husband passed by a barn, we had something to say about it. A barn felt much more interesting to us than a regular guesthouse", the owner of the barn told Big Life Magazine.

I like this

A Masterpiece

They contacted their good friend, architect John Carney, and asked him to make a plan for the house - inside a barn.

And what he created was nothing short of a masterpiece. Although it is an old barn that has been renovated, everything inside is completely new.

The top floor is well kept and still looks like a loft of hay. One end of the barn has been replaced by beautiful windows that offer a magical view to the outside nature.

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I like this

Well reserved ceiling

There are high ceilings and the old wooden beams have been replaced with new ones, which gives a modern look. In here, the couple built a gym and on the same floor there is also a small kitchen.

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Natural light

The bedroom has large windows which let in a lot of natural light.

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Collection of cars

Downstairs, the owners wonderfully took advantage of the size of the barn and built a large garage for their collection of vintage cars, bikes and motorcycles.

As on the top floor, the wooden frame of the barn has been preserved, but the details like the black and white floor give a clean and modern look.

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"I love this house"

The homeowners are very pleased with their new guest house.

"You know what I like about this house? When you enter the parking lot, you think, what a beautiful, rustic barn, and you expect everything to be warm and cozy and old-fashioned. But then you come in and think 'Wow!', the interior is so clean and modern, with amazing tiles and a crazy view of the mountains", the owner of the house told Big Life Magazine.

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I like this

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