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This is what happens to your body when you let a cat purr on your stomach





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Is there anything more warm and pleasant than a cat lying on your lap and purring with pleasure?

We don't think there is. And we are not alone in thinking that cats help us relax and recharge our batteries.

In fact, it turns out that a cat's purr has a positive effect on our health.

Cats purr when they are happy and satisfied. But the purr can also help cats calm themselves.

And a new study has shown that a cat's purr, besides being pleasant, also has an effect on the health and mental state of humans.

Domestic cats purr at a frequency of 25 Hz per second, and it turns out that this is the optimal frequency that affects our body.

Here are the health benefits of a cat's purr on our body:

Reduces stress

Thanks to the low frequency of the cat's purr, we feel safe and calm. And the sound of the purr while the cat is lying on your stomach is not only pleasant - it also reduces stress hormones inside our body.

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Lowers blood pressure

Not only does the purr sound reduces pressure, it also leads to a drop in blood pressure. This is a very effective effect, as high blood pressure can be dangerous.

Helps with breathing

People who suffer from shortness of breath report that a cat's purr helps them think about breathing. Maybe it's because the purr reminds them of inhaling and exhaling.

Cats heal bones

Studies have shown that the cat's purr can help heal bone fractures. Sound waves ranging from 25 to 50 Hz help accelerate the healing process of fractures.

And because a cat's purr is between 15 and 25 Hz, the sound can accelerate bone healing.

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Protects against heart disease

A study conducted at the University of Minnesota showed that the risk of cat owners getting a heart attack is 40% lower than in people without cats. The researchers believe that the cat's purr is directly related to lower stress level and lower blood pressure.

Heals torn muscles

Just like acceleration in bone fractures healing, cat's purr can help muscle and tendon tears heal faster.

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Helps against inflammation

As if there are not enough positive effects, cat's purr can prevent inflammation and swelling of joints and tendons, according to studies.


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