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She told the doctors not to stop what they were doing to her - even if she was begging





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To ensure that products that go out to the market are human safe, animals are often used to "test" the products on.

Animal experiments are painful and cruel, and because of the chemicals that some products have, many animals even die (a slow and painful death). Animal experiments take place everywhere, every moment, every second.

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But one company is trying to change all that, and does so in a controversial way. Some might say even disturbing.

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Lush is a non-cruel cosmetic company that tests its products on humans, just as other companies do with animal experiments.

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The experimental process was documented. And the woman who volunteered to be the experimental "human guinea pig" is 24-year-old Jacqueline Traide.

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Jacqueline wanted to show people what animals usually go through. And the experiments on Jacqueline were not conducted in a secret laboratory - they were conducted in front of people on a busy street in London.

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Jacqueline wore a body suit and was forcefully fed, got her head shaved, and she volunteered to do it all!

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They opened her mouth tightly with two iron hooks and attached it to a strap that encircled her entire head.

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It's one thing to volunteer for it - but what kind of person would do that to another. For 10 hours, she was actually tortured in front of a live audience.

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She was given injections, smeared with creams and ointments, and got scratched and injured all over her skin.

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Jacqueline said she hopes the torture she underwent will raise people's awareness of the torture that animals go through in experimental labs and that she hopes people will think twice about the products they buy.


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