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14 of the cleverest tricks to help you save your clothes and shoes





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We are often forced to throw away clothing and footwear due to damage, wear and tear, or uneven appearance. Which is much worse and especially frustrating when it happens with new items.

Today we decided to share some proven tricks and tips to help give your clothes and shoes a new look and another chance.

So remember, even if something looks lost, there's always a solution or a trick you can pull off the cuff. And if you can't fix it, you can always turn the item into something else.

All it takes is a little imagination and thinking outside the box.

So here are 14 smart tricks to help you save your clothes and shoes before you throw them away.

Use the nail file to clean suede shoes

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A window cleaner spray will shine your leather shoes

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A mixture of salt, ammonia and cold water will help you remove blood stains from clothing

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Add 2 tablespoons of salt to the same amount of ammonia and one liter of water. The quantities are important!

To get rid of any unpleasant odor, put your pants in a ziplock bag and put in the freezer all night

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A combination of water and vinegar removes stains from leather items

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Add water and vinegar in equal amount to a spray bottle, shake and clean.

Dish soap removes fatty stains

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All you have to do is rub some of the liquid on the stain and rub.

Wax or transparent polish makes scratches on leather shoes disappear

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Apply on the scratch, and when the wax hardens, gently wipe with flannel cloth, and finally clean with shoe polish.

Super Glue will easily fix tears on leather shoes

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Apply the glue from the inside of the torn part with a match or toothpick. Press the glue with a garment for 3-4 minutes, and finally apply a few layers of matching color.

To prevent fading of dark jeans, add vinegar and salt to the wash

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To clean Nubuck leather shoes, mix ammonia and water on a 3:1 ratio, or a tablespoon of vinegar and 1 liter of warm water

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To soften an old item, soak it in brine

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Add half a cup of salt to one liter of water, leave the items inside for 3 days, add some washing liquid, and finally wash them as usual

To remove stains from a leather case, wipe it with a vinegar soaked cloth

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It is important to only use vinegar for white cases, as others cases' colour could be affected.

It is possible to wash silk by adding a conditioner

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Remove cotton balls from the clothing using velcro

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