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Lion struggles fighting 20 hyenas, so his friend comes with style like a hero and saves the day





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From the very first moment I watched The Lion King when I was a child, I had become aware of the enormous toughness lions have.

I'm probably not the only one. After all, what's not royal, proud and most frightening than the deadliest cat in the world?

But even lions need some help sometimes .. even if it comes from other lions.

Don't believe it? Well, luckily the BBC recorded the rare and spectacular moments of a lion attacked by a band of hyenas, just to be rescued in the last moment in such a way that would make Mufasa proud..

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As part of the BBC's new series called Dynasties, in the narration of the legendary Sir David Attenborough, we meet Red, a lion making his way through the savannahs.

It doesn't take long before he encounters a band of 20 hyenas, and they are as vicious and cruel to him as you would probably guess.

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Now, for a lion, one or two hyenas don't pose a real threat. But when it's a band of 20, the advantage goes to them simply because of their large amount.

He tries to defend himself while the band surrounds him, but the chances don't look so good.

When he is on the verge of exhaustion and is about to give up, suddenly comes Tatu, Red's cousin. He heard the roar of his family member's distress from far, and in a style like Mofasa he came to his rescue. Together, the two smuggle the band of hyenas with the tail between their legs.

Look at how Red thanks Tatu ... There are no such things!

Watch this amazing video yourself:

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We know, yes, it's love on a completely different level.

We have so much to learn from wild animals. If you agree, share the article with your family and friends!


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