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A woman was racist against a black man at the airport - his reaction was simply genius!





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It is disgusting that there is still so much racism in the world. No one should think that he or she is better than others just because they have a different skin color.

For many, these events may pass under the radar, but for those who suffer from it, racism is a commonplace in their daily lives.

Fortunately, social networks help bring this issue to the headlines, and people with prejudices are publicly shamed for their actions.

This is the story of Emmit Walker, a musical producer who spoke about the situation he was experiencing recently.

Walker, who works in Washington, was about to board first class on a plane, so he had priority at the boarding.

But behind him was a woman who did not believe this man could fly first class.

I like this

In a Facebook post he wrote, he describes the conversation between them:

She: Excuse me, I think you're in the wrong place, you have to let us through. This queue is for people with priority to board the plane first.

I: Priority, you mean first class, right?

She: Yes... Now excuse me, they'll call you after we get aboard.

I: *shove my first class card in her face* you can relax, ma'am, I'm in the right place, been here longer, so you can board after me.

She: *still does not give up*, he's probably in the army or something, but we paid for our tickets, so he still has to wait.

Me: No, I'm too big to be in anybodies military. I'm just a nigga with money (everyone starts to applaud).

His answer was not only supported by the passengers waiting to board the plane, but also by the thousands of people who liked and shared the post on Facebook.

We're glad this guy taught her a lesson. What a champ!


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