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Homeless man returned lost $10,000 to its owner - and got rewarded in a way he'll never forget





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Roberta Hoskie, a successful real estate agent, recently lost a check of $10,000.

She was outside, working in town and she was holding so many things in her hands that the check just slipped and fell to the street.

Later that day, Roberta got a phone call from a man named Elmer Alvarez. He told her he found her check and he simply wished to do the right thing.

Elmer, a homeless man, have searched to find the name of Roberta's business in order to find her phone number.

This heart warming act of Elmer reminded of Roberta there are still people with good hearts in this world.

And she wasn't going to allow Elmer's kindness to go away just like that..

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Elmer and Roberta have met in the corner of a street, where he returned the check to it's owner.

And while Roberta was deeply thanking Elmer for his kind act, she learned the truth about him. Elmer was a homeless man living in the cold streets of Connecticut, one of the coldest places in United States. And if somebody was actually desperate for money, it was him.

So Roberta gave a check back to Elmer as a reward for what he did.. but that wasn't all.

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She made sure Elmer will have a reserved spot in her next real estate agents program she's running. She promised to pay for the entire course and also for the english lessons he needs.

But again, that's not all!

An amazing gift

"He has no idea what's about to happend", Roberta said a few days later, a moment before she changed this homeless man's lives forever - with a completely unexpected and not obvious present.

Watch the video below to see how Elmer's kind act led to something amazing and heart warming..

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Sometimes it's the ones who have the least, that give the most - and Elmer is a wonderful example of that.

Fortunately, Elmer's efforts to find the check's owner led to much more than he ever imagined.

A home of his own will change his life for the better and give him a great new start.

The world can be a crewl and selfish place - share this amazing story to remind others there are still good people left in this world!


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